We have been informed that a swimmer was hit while swimming in Lake Cane by a pontoon boat. Although happily, the swimmer was not injured, the pontoon boat may still be in the ICU. The accident occurred around 5 pm, and the swimmer, a resident who lives on the lake, was not participating in Lucky’s Lake Swim. Notably, he was not wearing a safer swimmer buoy or cap. The boat captain said he never saw the swimmer but stopped the boat when he felt a thud. Moral of the story: if you are out doing wild swims on your own, wear a bright swim buoy and cap, or you might get eaten by a boat prop.

Tomorrow is national sea monkey day; please celebrate wisely and safely.

12 days left until the Golden Mile®

Saturday May 28th

   Golden Mile® – Golden Mile® – Golden Mile®

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  • $1500.00 Cash prize for setting either overall male or female course record.
    • Men’s Record – True Sweetser 17:12.63
    • Women’s Record – Carlie Rose 18:19.61
  • Real Gold medals for the overall winners (Double the gold content of an Olympic Gold)
  • Real Silver medals for overall runner ups 16 oz of sterling silver
  • Swimmer of the Ages -Age Handicapped division with real gold and silver medals.
  • Age group medals first through third from 10 and under through 90+
  • Survivor medallions for all that finish
  • Golden Mile Backpacks for all swimmers, filled with all kinds of SWAG including: T-shirt, patches, bumper stickers, yo-yos, racing caps, and more great stuff.
  • Huge pancake breakfast with all the fixings after the swim.
  • First time swimmers get to sign Lucky’s Lake Swim Wall of Fame and get even more SWAG.


Not here May 28th? You can register and swim virtual Golden Mile® and still get all the SWAG and help the Lake Cane Restoration Society
Here’s how to do the virtual Golden Mile® in two different ways.

1.Swim the racecourse Friday at 5:30 pm you may use fins, pull buoy, wet suit etc. – you get all the SWAG and the survivor medallion, no timing or awards.

2. Swim a mile open water elsewhere or in a pool by May 28th and get all the SWAG except for the survivor medallion. You must let us know by May 29th that you have completed the swim.

Sign up here for the Golden Mile.  


Need more information about the Golden Mile® please check out our website www.DocLuckysGoldenMile.com

Congrats to Gregg Dedic who became our 1st Special Olympian to make it into the 2000K club. Gregg will be swimming in the Golden Mile on May 28th and he will also be competing in the USA Special Olympics games in the Open water competition, which is being hosted at Lucky’s Lake Swim.

Garfield who lives in Wales over the pond (Not Wales, Kentucky which is just east of Punk’s Tire & Wheel Alignment on 122).  We believe he is the first foreign national that does not reside in the US to make it into the 100 K club.  Sorry about the license plate holder, wrong size for Wales.

Rick Stafford (aka Aquaman) earned his Gold Cap Saturday with his 1000th crossing. Rick can easily be recognized in the water by his ever present snorkel, which can also be used as a bong in emergencies.

There will be no regular Lucky’s Lake Swim on Saturday May 28th due to the Golden Mile® Want to swim on the 28th then sign up for the Golden Mile®