Award presentations will begin at 10AM

Overall Winners Awards*

Gold Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the first three male, and female swimmers in the competition based on computer chipped based time. These medals are very similar to Olympic gold medals except the gold medals have double the content of gold than the standard Olympic medal.  The silver and gold medals both have 16 troy ounces of sterling silver in each.  The Bronze medals are made of, well, bronze.

A total of 4 real gold medals with double the gold content of Olympic gold medals will be awarded. These medals cost $1800 each. The fastest male and female swimmer and the fastest male and female swimmer in the “swimmer of the ages” division (age handicapped) will take home gold medals. The second place silver medals ain’t too shabby as they are 16 troy ounces of Sterling Silver the same silver content of an Olympic silver medal.

Lucky’s Lake Swim Golden Mile gold medal hot off the press. We are the “other swim” with real gold medals.


*You cannot win awards in both the Overall Winners and Swimmer of the Ages Categories. You will receive the highest award that you are eligible.  Example if  a 40-year-old finishes third overall but is the fasted based on the Swimmer of the Ages handicap he/she would win the gold medal in the swimmer of the ages, but not be awarded the bronze for 3rd overall.

Swimmer of the Ages Awards*

For the first time, age will not be a factor in scoring some great hardware. Based on the event’s age handicapping system anybody of any age (over the age of 18) may score a coveted gold medal. The first three male and female “Swimmers of the Ages” finishers will all get the same awards as the overall winners with Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Think you are the best open water swimmer on the earth based on your age well here’s your chance to prove it.




Survivor medallions

If you survive the one mile swim you will receive a very cool survivor medallion.  If you don’t finish the swim, no medallion for you. If you get swallowed by the Lake Cane monster we will award the medallion posthumously to your next of kin. We will have to scratch the word “survivor” off the medal so other finishers don’t complain.

Age Groups Awards

The top three finishers in each age group will receive nice medals (sorry not real gold and  silver) that you will be proud of, but a pawn shop won’t give you much of a loan on them. Winning swimmers in each age group will also receive a champion open water swim buoy.

Winners of all age groups will receive a Golden Mile Champion open water swim buoy.

Hammer Head Swim Caps will be awarded to the top three Male and Female overall fastest finishers and to the top three male and female “Swimmer of the Ages” division finishers. See the video below for more information about hammerhead swim caps.

Global Swim Series American Championships Awards.

This is the Global Swim Series American Championship event. All winners of each age group will receive GSS award certificates for winning the American Championship title.

Global Swim Series American Championships awards will be given to winners in each age group.

Course Records

Since this is the inaugural swim all the fastest times in each age group will be recorded as age group course records.

Inaugural Swim Certificates

All swimmers will receive inaugural swim certificates in their goody bag documenting they participated in the very first Golden Mile race.  It may not seem like a big deal now, but how cool would have been to have raced in the first Ironman or the first Tour De France. Forty or fifty years from now your kids will be fighting with your estate attorney over who gets to sell your certificate on eBay because historically it will be priceless.

All competitors will be awarded an inaugural swim certificate. You may be able to put your great grandchildren through college in 50 years by selling yours on eBay. True story.

Inaugural Swim Patches

In addition to the race T-shirts all swimmers will receive inaugural swim patches in their goody bag documenting they participated in the first Golden Mile race. These patches cannot be purchased only earned!!

You get some great SWAG just for swimming this race. Everyone goes home with some great mementos.

Survivor Posters

All swimmers will get this nice Inaugural Golden Mile survivor poster. Suitable for framing (unless you don’t survive, then there’s really no point in framing it or even hanging it up).

Bumper Stickers

In addition to all the other great SWAG in the goody bags swimmers will get Golden Mile bumper stickers. They look great on Lamborghinis, so I am told.

Want to know the sign of a quality race. They will have bumper stickers in their goody bags.


Oldest Swimmer Awards

The oldest male and female swimmers to complete The Golden Mile race course will receive a special award.

Lucky Time Prizes

Random prize drawings for all registered swimmers.  You must be present to win.

We will also have some random prizes called “Lucky Time” prizes. Random times will be drawn and the swimmer with the closest time without going over will win prizes such as this gift basket from Volcano Bay at Universal Studios.



Countdown to the Golden Mile ®

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