Gregg Dedic with Doc Lucky. Gregg is the CDD record holder for the Golden Mile®

Special Olympics Division

This specialized division is open to individuals that have previously competed in swimming in Special Olympics.  The top three finishers will receive awards for the men’s and women’s division.  There are no age groups in the Special Olympics division. There is no divisioning based on the degree of intellectual disability. Swimmers in this division also are eligible to receive awards in their respective non-Special Olympics age group divisions should they place in the top three. 

All Special Olympics swimmers must have a chaperone and wear a safe swimmer buoy unless approved by the event director before the date of the event. Approval will be based on the swimmer’s past open water swimming provenance. The chaperone does not have to pay to register for the race, but they are not eligible for awards and swag.  . We do try to find sponsorships for the Special Olympics swimmers. The earlier you confirm you are swimming the better a chance that we will be able to get a sponsorship. The chaperone must register for the event, but unless they pay to register, they will not receive a goody bag or be eligible for awards. The chaperone must wear a safe swimmer buoy and demonstrate the necessary swimming skills to be a chaperone.

These clearances must be done before the race date. If you are planning on registering a Special Olympics swimmer, please contact Lucky Meisenheimer for your  registration code.


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